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  • Saturday, February 22, 2020 12:43 PM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    On behalf of the Department of Defence, I would like to advise you of briefings on proposed works at the RAAF Base Tindal. These works include the RAAF Base Tindal Redevelopment Stage 6 and United States Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI) RAAF Base Tindal Airfield Works and Associated Infrastructure.

    On 24 February 2020, the project will be referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) with a public hearing expected to be held in Katherine on 21 April 2020. Information about the project, which is subject to Parliamentary approval, can be found on the PWC’s website: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Public_Works.

    The aim of the RAAF Base Tindal Redevelopment Stage 6 project is to maintain the existing capability at RAAF Base Tindal by addressing functional deficiencies and capacity constraints in existing facilities and infrastructure and to support growth in demand from the increasing operational tempo. The proposed works include:

    • New Permanent Living In Accommodation;

    • Upgrades to services including power, water, fire protection, sewerage and stormwater;

    • New Control and Reporting Unit Facilities and Visiting Squadron Facility; and

    • Upgrades to Security Force Amenities Facility.


    The aim of the USFPI airfield works project is to increase the capacity of RAAF Base Tindal to support KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport operations, which are a key part of the core Air Power role of air mobility, and in particular air-to-air refuelling and air logistics support missions. The proposed works include:

    • Upgrades to the runway and taxiway;

    • New Aircraft Parking Apron, Aviation Fuel Farm and Air Movements Terminal; and

    • Upgraded Engineering Services and Infrastructure.


    If you or your staff would like to accept or decline this invitation for a personal briefing on the proposed works, please contact our Project Manager representative Andrew Thiele from RPS on 0448 028 221 or via email at tindalprojects@rpsgroup.com.au to coordinate a time.

    Proposed Airfield Works

    The Department of Defence will be holding the following community information sessions on the proposed works that you and your members may be interested in attending.

    Katherine Session

    Date: 27 February 2020

    Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

    Venue: Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre, Katherine

    Darwin Session

    Date: 04 March 2020
    Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

    Venue: Mantra Esplanade Hotel Conference Room, 88 The Esplanade, Darwin

    Further detail on the proposed works is available at www.defence.gov.au/id/RAAF-Tindal/Default.asp.

  • Tuesday, February 18, 2020 7:12 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    The Australian Government is developing a free online cyber security training program to support small businesses to train staff on cyber smart practices to protect against cyber fraud – and is seeking your input.

    You’re invited to a consultation session on the development of Cyber Training for Small Businesses and to be briefed on the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s new small business advice and guidance.

    The consultation session aims to ensure the training content supports a wide range of businesses and provide an opportunity for Territory businesses to advise on what broader cyber security advice and support is needed for small businesses.

    Cyber security is a key risk for any organisation and the cost of a cyberattack can be significant – in business disruption downtime, loss of commercially sensitive information, reputational damage or financial fraud. 

    For a small business, even the smallest cyber security incident can have devastating impacts.

    Training staff on how to recognise cyber threats is critical to better protecting your business.


    What:              Cyber Training for Small Business Consultation

    Date:                   Wednesday 4 March 2020

    Time:                   9:00am to 10:30am

    Venue:                North Australian Development Office, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin

    Cost:                    Free

    Hosted by:      Australian Cyber Security Centre


  • Monday, February 17, 2020 9:00 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)


    Every business will leave the session with a tailored Business Pipeline Strategy to increase sales and profitability and identify opportunities for their businesses in the NT Defence Industry


    Thursday 27th February 2020

    Northern Australian Conference Room, Level 1, NADO Development House, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin 

    Bookings: debbie@aidnnt.com.au




    8:00am    Participant Arrival and Registration

    8:30am    Welcome and Introduction - Kerryn Smith

    8:35am     Icebreaker and Overview of the day - Claire Maradani (Treeti)

    8:45          Market Update - Karen Green (Deloitte)

    9:30          Base Upkeep in the NT - (Broadspectrum)

    10:15        Morning Tea

    10:45        Individual Business Activity (Business Pipeline Strategy) Claire Treeti

    12:00        Lunch

    1:00pm    Growth Opportunities (Maritime)

    1:45pm    Group Business Activity 'What do Participants think are other opportunities in Defence'

    2:30pm    Afternoon Tea

    3:00pm    Investment Territory - Luke Bowen

    4:00pm    Claire Treeti - Wrap up and thank you

    4:15pm    Kerryn Smith - Overarching and Thank you

    4:30pm    Workshop Completion

    COST:       AIDN-NT Members: $44pp

                     Non- Members:        $66pp

  • Monday, February 17, 2020 8:51 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    Good afternoon AIDN-NT Members and Interested Stakeholders,

     I have received confirmation that we have a visiting delegation from Thailand coming into Darwin next week and have agreed to provide a morning tea brief with some local industry members.

     Call for Expressions of Interest:                                   RSVP:  Ceo@aidnnt.com.au

     Thailand Delegation Morning Tea and Briefing

    Thursday 20th February 2020

    Territory Conference Room, NADO

    Ground Floor, 76 The Esplanade Darwin 0800


    Details of this opportunity are as follows:

    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­This conversation will be two-way – we will present AIDN-NT as an Alliance Group of Members focused on Base Support, Aerospace and Maritime!  We will be looking to promote our collective capability to this region.

     The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) – the Thai Government’s investment promotion agency under the Office of the Prime Minister, to request a meeting with you during 19 to 21 February 2020. The Director of the BOI’s Australian Office will be in Darwin on those days and would like to take the opportunity to provide you with some information about the BOI, its role and the incentives available to Australian businesses that choose to make an investment in Thailand. 

     I have provided below a few dot points about the BOI for your consideration:

    • The BOI is responsible for encouraging direct investment in Thailand through the issuing of tax and non-tax incentives and has 16 overseas offices, including an office based in Sydney responsible for engagement across Australia and New Zealand. The Office is headed by Miss Netnapa Pukdeerux, who is also the Royal Thai Government’s Investment Consul.
    • Australian and New Zealand businesses who choose to undertake activities eligible for promotion in Thailand could receive up to 13 years corporate income tax exemption from the BOI as well as other significant tax and non-tax incentives.
    • The BOI has a focus on advanced manufacturing and technology based activities as well as specific incentives for defence and aerospace activities. It is likely at least some of your members would be eligible for the highest levels of incentives.
    • The BOI believes these incentives would be of interest to your members, especially for those of your members who are currently considering expanding their business operations into South East Asia and beyond.
    • Further information about the BOI can be found at www.boi.go.th or in the attached document.


    I would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have or provide further information so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on the details below.


  • Monday, February 17, 2020 8:45 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    LAND 400 Phase 3 Australian Industry Capability

    Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Hanwha Defence Roadshow

    Australian Industry is now invited to complete and submit a nomination form to register their interest in participating in the roadshow. Nominations opened on Thursday 19 December 2019. The nomination form is available here and is to be submitted to LAND400Phase3.AIC@defence.gov.au.

    Australian Industry Capability is pivotal to the LAND 400 program. During the Risk Mitigation Activity, Defence will work with shortlisted tenderers to maximise opportunities for Australian industry participation to deliver an optimum Australian Industry Capability under LAND 400 Phase 3. Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Hanwha Defence Australia will participate in a Defence facilitated joint Australian Industry Capability roadshow, which will be conducted in March and April 2020. The roadshow will enable companies across Australia to showcase their capabilities and provide both shortlisted tenderers with the opportunity to identify local businesses able to contribute to their supply chains.

    The meetings will provide local companies the opportunity to meet both Hanwha Defense Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia concurrently. Each local company will be allocated five minutes to deliver a pitch on their capabilities. This will be followed by five minutes for each of the shortlisted tenderers to ask questions of the companies offering.

    The roadshow will visit Australian capital cities and selected regional locations. Further locations may be considered depending on the responses to the nomination form. The roadshow is currently scoped to visit the following locations:

    (1)          Townsville;
    (2)          Brisbane;
    (3)          Sunshine Coast;
    (4)          Newcastle;
    (5)          Sydney;
    (6)          Canberra;
    (7)          Melbourne;
    (8)          Geelong;
    (9)          Hobart;
    (10)        Adelaide;
    (11)        Perth; and
    (12)        Darwin.

    With an increased number of nominations being received recently, the project is pleased to advise that the closure date for nominations has increased by one week. Nomination form submission now closes on Friday 21 February 2020.

    You will be notified via email by the end of February on the acceptance of your nomination.

    You may experience issues with submitting the nomination form from the Safari browser. Please submit the form through Chrome or Internet Explorer. If you are still having trouble submitting, please submit the form as an attachment via email to the AIC Roadshow inbox - LAND400Phase3.AIC@defence.gov.au.

     Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Hanwha defence Australia have provided further information on their respective capabilities and how they engage with Australian industry. The Hanwha Defence Australia document can be found here and Rheinmetall Defence Australia document found here

     The Centre for Defence Industry Capability are working closely with Defence in support of the roadshow and are available to support Defence Industry. Further information and contact details are available at www.business.gov.au/CDIC.

     In addition to the roadshow, both Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Hanwha Defence Australia will have their own portals for Australian industry to engage directly with them. Hanwha Defence Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia are also planning to conduct additional industry engagement activities. These activities will provide further opportunities for the shortlisted tenderers to showcase the opportunities available to participate in LAND 400 Phase 3.

    Any enquiries from interested companies seeking additional information about Australian Industry related to this project can be addressed to LAND400Phase3.AIC@defence.gov.au.

    Please Attached List


  • Monday, February 17, 2020 8:41 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    The Australian Space Industry is looking to conduct a ‘Speed Dating’ Event in the Northern Territory. Members interested in making a pitch to the following Primes:

    • Airbus
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Boeing
    • Northrop Grumman


    on their capability to service the following areas:


    Earth Observation

                    Data Processing and Autonomy (Artificial Intelligence)


                    Ground systems, terminals and alternate ground stations

                    Optical communications

                    Secure radiocommunications (optical and radio)

     Space Situational Awareness

                    Any areas from research level to operational capability

     Position Navigation and Timing

                   Any areas from research level to operational capability

     Robotics and Automation

    ISRU – In situ resource utilization


    Automation software

    In-space manufacturing and assembly

     Access to Space

                   Cryogenics Fluid Management (storage and transfer)

     Leapfrog R&D and other areas of interest

    • Life support systems
    • Space Orbital and Surface Nuclear Fission Power
    • Quantum communications/cryptography
    • (other leapfrog research areas stakeholder feel could feed into supply chains)


    can do so by nominating: 

    Stuart Cook

    Project Officer – Industry Development

    Economic Innovation | Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

    Northern Territory Government, Australia

    5th Floor, Charles Darwin Centre, 19 The Mall, Darwin NT 0800 | GPO Box 3200 Darwin NT 0801

    t: 08 8999 6098  | e: stuart.cook@nt.gov.au  | w: business.nt.gov.au

  • Monday, February 17, 2020 8:29 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    AIDN-NT Members are again invited to apply for the Defence Industry Study Course (DISC) Scholarship 2020. 

     This is a great opportunity that provides a co-funded (25% Govt, 25% AIDN-NT) 50% contribution for an NT Business to attend the DISC course for the year.  The cost of the program is $9000 plus GST, so this scholarship is substantial and worthwhile applying for.

     Applicants are required to undertake the following two-step process:

     Members must first apply for DISC through the Department of Defence at https://www.defence.gov.au/CASG/DoingBusiness/Industry/Skillingdefenceindustry/Defence%20Industry%20Study%20Course.asp   The closing date for this application is 28th February….so get in now.   On successful acceptance onto the DISC program from Department of Defence, applicants will be eligible for the AIDN-NT Scholarship.


    1. Members must also address the following criteria in a one-page application:   Applications to be sent to ceo@aidnnt.com.au by COB 10 March 2020.


    Why are you applying for this scholarship? 

    What benefit will you personally gain from attending DISC 2020? 

    How will attending DISC 2020 assist your company within the Defence Industry? 

    What contribution will you make to the NT Defence Industry more broadly through attending DISC 2020?


    1. What happens if you are successful in being accepted onto DISC?

    You must advise AIDN-NT that you have been successful in being accepted onto the DISC 2020 program.


    1. What happens if you are shortlisted for the AIDN-NT DISC Scholarship?

    Your application will be shortlisted and put before a panel of members representing Industry, Government and Defence within the NT for judging.  All applicants will be advised of the result by early April 2020.


    1. What happens if you are successful in winning the AIDN-NT DISC Scholarship?

    Please note that you are required to attend all residential blocks within the program.  We pay the 50% on successful attendance of the first block of the program, and a key condition of the scholarship is providing a feedback report at the end of the 4 one week blocks on the following questions:


    Why did you apply to attend the DISC 2020 Course?

    What were the key course activities? and where did you go? Who did you see?

    What benefits did you and your company gain from attending the DISC 2020 Course?

    How will you use the connections made to benefit you and the local NT Defence Industry  into the future?

    Would you recommend the course to other suppliers working in the NT Defence Industry?


    Good luck to those who are smart in applying for this great opportunity!

  • Wednesday, December 11, 2019 11:56 AM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

    Mathias and Myself would like to thank you for attending our briefing on Friday.  It was great to visit the NT for the first time and better understand the capabilities you have and are developing for the future.


    As promised, attached is the presentation that we gave and you are welcome to forward to any other interested parties.


    Please feel free to contact myself and Mathias should you need any further information, our current plan is to revisit Darwin in around 4-6 months to give an update on our requirements.


    Iwan Morris: 0408 137956

    Matthias Seifert: 0413 557617

    Airbus_Defence and Space Industry engagement day.pdf

    Rheinmetall LAND 400 Industry Involvement .docx

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